Partner Projects


Crossing the Green Sea Project

Atholl Anderson, Australian National University

Aaron Camens, Australian National University

Geoffrey Clark, Australian National University

Simon Haberle, Australian National University

Mirani Litster, Australian National University


Banana Project

Fréderic Bakry, CIRAD Montpellier, France

Edmond de Langhe, Laboratory for Tropical Crop Improvement, KUL

Xavier Perrier, CIRAD Montpellier

Luc Vrydaghs, CReA-Heritage ULB & ROOTS


Pattanam Project

P.J. Cherian, Kerala Council for Historical Research


KITE Project

Rob Marchant, University of York

Paramita Punwong, University of York

Katherine Selby, University of York


Partner Institutions


Coastal Forest Conservation Unit, Kilifi, Kenya

College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University

Cornell University, USA

Department of Archaeology, Sri Lanka

Department of Archaeology, University of Durham

Department of Biology, University of York

Department of History and Archaeology, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

Department of History, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Fort Jesus Museum, National Museums of Kenya, Mombasa, Kenya

Institute of Archaeology, University College London, UK

Kerala Council for Historical Research, India

National Museums of Kenya, Kenya

Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology, Sri Lanka

Warwick HRI, Warwick University, UK

Zanzibar Department of Museums and Antiquities