Conference: Connecting Continents in the Indian Ocean World

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Conference: Connecting Continents in the Indian Ocean World

Dr. Nicole Boivin of the Sealinks Project will participate in a conference at Stanford University, March 6-7, 2014, entitled ‘Connecting Continents: Setting an Agenda for a Historical Archaeology of the Indian Ocean World’.

Location: Location: Stanford Archaeology Center, Building 500, 488 Escondido Mall

Conference abstract: The Indian Ocean has formed an enduring connection between three continents, countless small islands and a multitude of cultural and ethnic groups. However, the region has received little attention within the context of historical archaeology.

This conference emphasizes the strengths of multidisciplinary research, bringing together environmental and historical archaeologists, historians, anthropologists and artists. It aims to address the overarching theoretical issue of research relevance: by creating a space for conversation between disciplines, and addressing issues such as ecological impact and the utility of heritage; how should a ‘historical archaeology of the Indian Ocean World’ fit into research and community interests.